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Zcash Open Major Grants

ZOMG is a community-elected grants committee that funds Zcash-related projects in order to bring financial privacy to everyone in the world.

How to apply What we fund

About ZOMG

ZOMG (Zcash Open Major Grants) exists to fund projects that advance the usability, security, privacy, and adoption of Zcash, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. Here’s what we’ve funded so far.

Formerly known as the Major Grants Review Committee, ZOMG was created by community members of the Zcash cryptocurrency in ZIP 1014, working within the Zcash governance process.

ZOMG’s funds come from the decision in ZIP 1014 to allocate a portion of all newly created Zcash—over a four year period—to the ZOMG.

Legally speaking, ZOMG is a technology advisory board that constitutes a committee of the Zcash Foundation, under its bylaws. Grants are chosen by a committee of five members who were chosen by the Zcash Community Advisory Panel in an open election.

Are you interested in receiving funding for a Zcash-related project? Learn more about what we fund and how to apply!